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Exclusive Interview w/ Jessica Arman

By: Justin Arman

Founder and CEO Jessica Arman recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed starting the business, being an entrepreneur, and creating toothpaste.

Inventing, flavors, and toothpaste:

Meagan Meehan (MM): What first inspired you to start working with teeth/toothpaste?

Jessica Arman (JA): My daughter had severely sensitive teeth and was in and out of the dentist’s office starting at a very young age. Everything that I tried, from natural to conventional, didn’t work for her. I realized that I needed to try something different. I decided to look into ancient remedies and compare notes with modern dental research, and I stumbled onto an ingredient deck that I couldn’t believe wasn’t available in the market.
I didn’t have any desire to start a business; I just had toinvent this for my child, because it didn’t exist. After my daughter got amazing results, she put up a before/after shot on social media, and I was flooded with requests. We started at a local farmers market, and now we’re in over 15,000 locations, kind of surreal.

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