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My Magic Mud Is Natural Cosmetics Standard Certified

By: Justin Arman

Our product line has just completed one of the most rigorous certification processes around. And after months of work, we’re a better brand for having been put through this intense audit. Most brands call themselves “natural” – however very few companies volunteer to put themselves through an audit like this to prove it.

NCS is a certifying body in Germany, and they audited all of our ingredients and where they’re sourced, the entire manufacturing process to the finest detail of each part and ingredient, and combed through every bit of paperwork which follows these ingredients to their origin. They inspected our completed units, manufacturing methods, elemental analyses, and ensured there were no contamination points in our processes. This process was so intense, we actually had to hire our own internal scientist, Dr. Norman Horn, to facilitate all of this.

>>> My Magic Mud NCS Certification

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