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My Magic Mud World Tour – 1st Stop: Australia

By: Justin Arman

We launched our product line into Australia in April, 2016, and took the natural products industry by storm. What a perfect combination of building our International brand, and embarking on an intense family adventure.

My Magic Mud is now available in over a thousand store locations and on all the major shopping sites. This country is now a second home for us.

We visited Sydney where we participate in a trade fair, and then flew up to the Sunshine Coast to meet with our esteemed distributor.

The entire family went: Jessica Arman (founder of our brand and my beautiful wife), me, and our four children. We also took Grandma, who happens to be our lead sales person. We truly are a family company 🙂

Australians know their stuff when it comes to health, and the fact that they’ve totally embraced us and allowed us to bring a completely original concept to their market, is truly humbling.

Come with us on our next stops to: Texas > Baltimore > Seattle > NYC

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