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My Magic Mud World Tour: 4th Stop – Prague

By: Justin Arman

On this leg of our tour, we met did some field research to understand the market and culture here, and ended up solidifying a relationship with a wonderful distributor who will be taking care of Czech Republic and Slovakia.

From Germany, we took the Mud Train right into Prague. This place is spectacular.

Prague is the most interesting city I’ve ever visited. There’s this strange blend of industrial communism, huge amounts of graffiti, Medieval and Renaissance architecture, and the most beautiful Old Town Plaza sites imaginable. The castle was incredible, and seeing what this civilization achieved gives me a whole new appreciation of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. We also visited St. Georgia’s Basilica, and the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen. We also went to the place where Mozart performed… Amazing.

Before you check out the picture gallery, can we just take a moment and admire this parallel parking job in the center of Prague. All those years on tour paid off 🙂

Parking this bus in Europe, felt just like this:

Now for the awesome pictures from our adventure:

From Prague, The Mud Train Steamed Across The German Autobahn to “Hamsterdam” >> Let’s Go!

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