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My Magic Mud World Tour: 5th Stop – Amsterdam

By: Justin Arman

From Prague, the Mud Train stopped in Berlin, and headed across Germany to Amsterdam. Azzy called it “Hamsterdam,” so that’s what we called it for the rest of the trip. We did very important field research, and yes, we landed our distributor who will be taking care of all the Netherlands for us.

Notes from Jessica

Our first day in Amsterdam was incredible! We took the kids to the Dutch History Museum, we walked along the canal, and eat pancakes.

But my favorite part was going to the Anne Frank Museum. It was surreal to be in her house and see where they spent two years in hiding. The original bookshelf that hid the entrance to the secret annex was intact. We purchased copies of the diary for each of the kids to read.

Notes from Justin

Amsterdam is the most libertarian place on Earth, at least in terms of personal choice, and the history of The Netherlands is mind blowing. I’m surprised more libertarians don’t focus on the immense intellectual, political, cultural, sexual, and religious freedom the Dutch had before the American story; this freedom existed in lands bordering the reformation, the inquisition, tyrannical emperors, and power crazed kings, and without a great ocean protecting them. John Locke and many others published their works in Amsterdam simply because they didn’t have to fear the local government, and this was the beacon of religious tolerance during some of the most brutal times.

Gallery from “Hamsterdam”


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