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Our Steve Harvey Show Appearance.

By: Justin Arman

Uplifting those around us is a part of our company’s mission. We are so grateful to Steve Harvey for giving us the opportunity to make a small contribution to Archie Williams, who, with the work of The Innocence Project, was freed after spending 36 years in prison.

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From our press release:

My Magic Mud Donates to Exonerated Man While Appearing on the Steve Harvey Show

Archie Williams has new reasons to smile while beginning a new life after wrongfully spending 36 years in prison

New Braunfels, TX – May 9, 2019 – My Magic Mud, the industry leader in activated-charcoal oral care and natural beauty, has donated $5,000 and a lifetime supply of product to Archie Williams. Two months after his release, Archie tells his story on the Steve Harvey Show and how assistance from the Innocence Project and DNA evidence cleared his name.

“Archie’s story touched our hearts and we wanted to be part of his journey as he’s beginning anew,” said Jessica Arman, CEO and Founder of My Magic Mud. “Uplifting people is part of our DNA as a team, and we felt it important to do our part in helping him achieve his goal of helping others.”

Archie served 36 years in prison after being wrongly convicted at the age of 22 and sentenced to life without parole. In 1995, Archie wrote to the Innocence Project after 12 years into his sentence. After fighting the case for 24 years, his legal team gained access to fingerprints from the crime to identify the criminal. It took the FBI 8 hours to prove Archie’s innocence and he was a free man one week later.

Watching the Steve Harvey Show while in prison, he was inspired by Steve’s positivity and applied it to his own life in tough times. In tandem, he often found solace in music and sang in the prison chapel often. In a thrilling turn of events, Archie was not only able to meet Steve, but to also sing for a national audience and smiled from ear to ear.

Similar to Archie and Steve Harvey, My Magic Mud always wants to exude positivity and take every opportunity to uplift those around them to help them. In doing so, the brand seeks to unearth and highlight natural beauty with activated-charcoal oral care and beauty products. Formulated with the cleanest premium quality ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil and bentonite clay, My Magic Mud’s wide range of oral beauty products will help everyone achieve a whiter smile in just two weeks.

For more information about Archie Williams and his story, watch him on the Steve Harvey Show or visit for additional details and donations.

Visit for more information about My Magic Mud’s range of activated charcoal products.

About My Magic Mud
Located in New Braunfels, Texas, My Magic Mud was created by a mother to help with her daughter’s sensitive teeth. What started off as a simple home remedy, quickly turned into a successful family business and now My Magic Mud has become an industry leader in natural beauty and oral care. The vast range of activated-charcoal products are made with the most premium natural ingredients that will help clean, polish and whiten teeth in just two weeks.

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