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The Herald Zeitung Feature Story

By: Justin Arman

“The company went national — and then international quickly, attaining 600 percent growth in a year.”

“We had a vision and just a few people here validated it and believed in us, and because of this community, our dream became a reality,” Arman said. “The critiques they gave us in the beginning were so helpful, and helped us make an elevated product.”

At first, Arman passed out the charcoal tooth powder if one of her friends talked about any tooth sensitivity. But after it started to gain a following, she realized she might have a product people would want to buy.

“I said to my husband, ‘I think we have something here,’” Arman said. “We’d all started using it, and people kept asking how our whole family had such white teeth, which we realized was just a side effect of the powder.”

That’s when Jessica and her husband and business partner Justin Arman decided to create a website to see if people perhaps wanted to buy the powder.

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