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Awarded 1st Place at SOHO EXPO 2018

By: Amesely Nisson

My Magic Mud stands with SENPA by not only supporting and attending their trade shows, but they also conduct business with the same core principles in mind. My Magic Mud won First Place at the SOHO EXPO 2018!

We, here at My Magic Mud, loved having the opportunity to educate both our new and loyal customers about the advantages of natural and healthy living by using our products to take better care of themselves and their families through oral care. Our founder, Jessica Arman, puts education at the highest priority of her business by pouring all of her knowledge into other small business owners that need advice. Not many owners of multi-million dollar, internationally award-winning companies give business advice away for free, but Jessica does. She wants small natural businesses to succeed in order to better the world we live in. My Magic Mud constantly introduces products that help people grow their love for natural living and is dedicated to doing so. Even though our products can be found in over 30,000 locations worldwide, we still remain faithful to our community by selling our products at the local farmer’s market. This just proves that My Magic Mud stands with SENPA in every way possible by taking their principles home after the trade shows and spread them throughout the world.

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